About Us

Welcome!! Balanced Pilates studio is nestled in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. We are dedicated to teaching private and duet Pilates sessions. We believe this is the most effective and safest way for your body.

Balanced Pilates staff has had exceptional training and experience. We adhere to the Physical Mind Institute Pilates method, which closely adheres to Joseph Pilates' original equipment and exercise routines.

Our method is to first assess you as an individual and then design a program to meet your precise body-type and conditioning needs. Whatever your age or fitness level, we devise a Pilates program to suit you. We then refine and develop your program as your strength and skills grow.

Christiane Gallois

Christiane Gallois

Christiane Gallois holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture and worked for more than 14 years in the architecture and design industry, with a 3-year stint at Robert A. M. Stern Architects most recently. Always very active since early ages, Christiane started to compete as a swimmer at age of 13 in her home country Brazil, and actively participated in ballet, gymnastics and karate. After moving to United States in 1996 she continued her active lifestlye, playing tennis, running and biking. In 2005, while she was still working as an architect trained for her first Mighty Hamptons Triathlon, combining the athletic skills she developed throughout her active life.

After two pregnancies Christiane’s enthusiasm and passion for Pilates deepened. She discovered that Pilates was the ultimate way to build total-body fitness and alleviate pelvic and lower back pain and help regain her core strength. Christiane completed an intensive year-long apprenticeship program in New York City, at the Physical Mind Institute and decided to share her passion and knowledge of Pilates by opening the Balanced Pilates studio. At her studio, she uses the Pilates method to address all body types and ages, with special attention to individuals’ special physical needs. In both private lessons and group classes, Christiane uses her love of teaching to assist others in their path towards physical strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness.

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” -Joseph Pilates