Sessions & Prices

Pilates focuses on using the core muscles (abdominal, back, gluteus, and hips) to strengthen, stretch and support the entire body.
The series of exercises are designed to bring the body to a state of balance while improving strength, posture, flexibility and circulation.


Refer a friend and receive a free session (of same type as purchased) when your friend purchases a package of 10.


PRIVATE SESSIONS: $65 (unit price per session)

60 minutes of one-on-one instruction, using different apparatus, focusing on the individual's specific goals while strengthening and conditioning the entire body.

          - package of   5 : $300

          - package of 10 : $600

DUET SESSIONS: $120 (unit price per session--for 2 people)

Similar to a private session where instructor will share attention to two individuals.

          - package of   5 : $580

          - package of 10 : $980